Yes, we’ve moved to https://www.roastcornandube.com/ and all our posts and comments moved with us.

But too many of our readers are asking that we keep the blog active and we’ve listened!

It has been a long hiatus, with ‘life’ happening.

Thankfully, writing doesn’t give up, so we’re back under a different name and a different platform.

Thank you for your patience all these ‘dry’ and silent years. We hope to see you at our new address – https://www.roastcornandube.com/ – where new things will definitely be happening!!!

See you soon, here and there!!!


Beyoncé Bu Mami-Wata

Beyoncé bu mami-wata!

Not half this and half that, but all woman and all that.

She is a siren, a vixen, a sage, an amazon; Ezenwanyi all rolled in one!

She sings, she dances, she speaks in tongues of old.

Her eyes flash with fire and ignites our hearts.

Love her; hate her, venerate, despise her…she is like Mami Wata, seen once in a while but oh! What a sight!

Beyoncé, i bu nnoo mami wata!


Do you?

I feel like writing

I really, really do

But sometimes, I get this block…

I wonder, do you?
My pens are screaming

My pencils too

“Let us out; set us free,

We must begin anew!”
“Too long you have left us

Too cold we’ve become

But now, we must fight back

Or to death, we’ll succumb.”
I feel like writing

I really, really do

But sometimes, the words just won’t come…

I don’t know why, do you?


Akalaka (Destiny)

She’s calling.

She’s waited long enough.

Patiently… for me to develop.

In the shadows, so she’ll be out of my way.

She waited for me to go where I felt I needed to go,  to get what I felt I needed to get, do what I felt I needed to do.


She’s no longer content to remain in the background or shadows.

“It’s time”, she whispers gently in my ear. 

Her whisper is an earthquake; it has moved the ground beneath my feet.

Nothing is the same, nothing can be the same.


Sleep & Dreams

It’s night-time again and sleep has fled. 

Dreams have come, creeping slowly,muttering  under their breath, hoping this time, that they will be chased after,  caught and taken to where all dreams come true. 

Not left to rot on the dying heap of their lost, forgotten comrades.

Dreams are meant to be pursued, right? This how they come true…isn’t it?



How does it work, this etiquette on Twitter?

How long do I have to follow you before I tweet you?

Should I expect a reply if and when I do?

When I don’t get a reply, what do I do, what do I do?

When I do get a reply, should I tweet right back at you?

How many tweets/re-tweets does it take to be part of an ‘inner crew’? 

To #hashtag or not, is it just a quirk?

This ‘Twitiquette’, on Twitter, how does it really work???