A little bit more about RoastcornandUbe…


Bio: I'm just a simple soul dying to write and held back by my own fears...fears that I am overcoming, one word at a time. Stories calm me and help me make sense of the world around me. The author, Anne Fine, once said, 'Write the book you would most like to read... If it doesn't interest you while you are writing it, it's hardly likely to interest anyone else.' So this is my writing space, where I write what I would most like to read. Roast Corn and Ube reminds me of moonlit nights when stories were told with the opening chant - Story! Story!! Story!!!. So I write, hoping to reach out to like-minded souls or even unlike-minded souls to create our own moonlit nights with roast corn and ube. Kindly join me as I write and we read together... Story! Story!! Story!!!

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8 thoughts on “A little bit more about RoastcornandUbe…”

  1. Hello Obiscol

    I am glad I found your writing space, I love words especially when arranged artfully to tell a delightful story.

    With a blog name as interesting as “Roast Corn and Ube”, I’m certain there are no dull moments here. 😀

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