Frog In My Throat🐸

I have a frog in my throat.

No, it’s not the idiom.

I do…literally…have a frog in my throat. It’s a disgusting yellowy-browny colour with lime-green spots.

I wake up every morning echoing its croaks and go to bed at night, doing the same. Then throughout the day, I emit more croaks; little ones, big ones and not-so-little ones.

People ask, “Are you alright?”

I reply, “Yeah, I just have this frog in my throat.”

They laugh politely in return ‘cuz they think I’m being metaphorical, figurative, idiomatic…if only they knew…

(For AdaDaddii so that she ceases to worry🙂)


2 thoughts on “Frog In My Throat🐸

  1. So I was away for a minute and you decided to sneak in!
    How do you do this? write so simply and so clearly yet it packs a punch.
    I’m glad you’re ok, frog or not. Take your time Adanne but if I don’t see a book by March, I’ll come to the UK to flog you by myself.

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