Akalaka (Destiny)

She’s calling.

She’s waited long enough.

Patiently… for me to develop.

In the shadows, so she’ll be out of my way.

She waited for me to go where I felt I needed to go,  to get what I felt I needed to get, do what I felt I needed to do.


She’s no longer content to remain in the background or shadows.

“It’s time”, she whispers gently in my ear. 

Her whisper is an earthquake; it has moved the ground beneath my feet.

Nothing is the same, nothing can be the same.

6 thoughts on “Akalaka (Destiny)”

  1. Sometimes i wonder; is there really destiny?? Don’t get me wrong, many events have proven there likely is but that means that some people were destined to not be remembered?????
    I wonder most times: is it that some were created to be pawns even before they are given the breath of life?

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      1. So are u saying its the same thing that pushes others to do drugs,prostitute ththemseve, refuse to make any positive effort, or just make happy to be & treated like 4th class citizens?????
        Just wondering


      2. There’s Free Will to consider…do you give in to the push or not? Do you have a choice? Are there many destinies or just the one???

        I’m wondering myself, my dear. While I believe in destiny, I also believe that it is fluid…


  2. In a world where so many things are fighting for our attention, it feels like a miracle to find SHORT glorious pieces.

    Thank you for brevity.

    Thank you intelligent brevity.

    So much light in a piece.

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