Opportunity knocked,


Got into bed with me.

I rolled away,


For Opportunity to touch me

Tap me

Roll me back round and

Give of herself to me.


Opportunity didn’t.

She saw me asleep

And Opportunity doesn’t wait for you to be awake.

So she got up and left.

I got up and ran

After her

But Opportunity was gone.

Opportunity waits for no-one.

11 thoughts on “Opportunity”

  1. Can I capture opportunity? Hold it hostage? Imprison it until I am ready to avail myself of it? What if as it attempts to roll away, I lasso it and tie it to my waist? What if as it gets up to leave I push it back down? What if I can outrun opportunity, so that no matter which way it goes or how far it runs, I will always catch up to it?

    Do I belong to opportunity or does it belong to me? Do I bow to it or does it bow to me. More importantly, do I create opportunity or does it create me?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re genius, Kambi, nwa-mama!!!
      This should be a blog post!
      Ngwa, ngwa, take it home, expand (or not😜) and share; I will come and visit and applaud your way with words!


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