Following Your Heart: Walking The Straight and Narrow

My sister once said to me, “Follow your heart and everything will be alright.”

She isn’t the only one.

A lot of people say that.

On social networking sites, blogs, articles in newspapers and magazines, and in everyday conversations.

I’ve always pictured following your heart as this path you walk, in the early morning light, when the day is yet to break fully. The sky is a canvas filled with pink bubbles and cream cakes with a dose of lemon and ginger tea to balance things out.

The fact is, and I’ve come to realise this, that ‘following your heart’, requires you to be on the straight and narrow; to make your ‘heart’ the focus even when your head is scared witless and wants to go back into its shell, its safe and secure place, where the familiar is prince and routine is king.

‘Following your heart’ means you close your ears to people who will kindly push you off the straight and narrow with their well-meaning advice.

‘Following your heart’ means closing your eyes to other people; people who appear accomplished, people who have ‘arrived’, while you’re still journeying.

Your path is not theirs.

Following your heart also means hardening that heart to decisions that may hurt in the beginning but pay off at the end.

And so I have followed my heart to Okada Books.

I will still share short stories here on Roastcornandube; serialised stories will be on Okada Books.

Follow your heart too.

And people who your heart call to, will come to you and with you.


7 thoughts on “Following Your Heart: Walking The Straight and Narrow

    1. Thanks HrH7. It’s Mami-Wota Made My Hair, parts one and two. I’m working on a book cover before I put out the rest. Then all the other stories fighting to get out of my head will go there, if they are too long. The shorter ones will remain on Roastcornandube.

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