Whitney Houston

It’s not right and it’s not okay

You said you wouldn’t close one more door

To make me hurt anymore.

You walked away from me

And now I have nothing…

‘Cuz I don’t have you.

I thought you would save all your loving for me

I thought you knew me so well…

Knew that I wanted you to dance with somebody…


Didn’t we almost have it all, Whitney…

…Didn’t we?

Why does it hurt so bad, Whitney?

I’m so emotional Whitney.

Even though I know that

It will take eternity to break us

And the chains of Amistad couldn’t hold us.

So where do broken hearts go?

When the open arms of their love is not waiting there?

I want to run to you, Whitney

But you’re not there.

So I have to believe

That there can be miracles

That the Greatest love of all

Will never let me stand alone

That I have to stop crying because

On earth we weren’t meant to stay

So goodbye Whitney

But only for a time


You will be waiting, for me, for us…after judgement day


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