It Was Just One Slap

This post spoke my mind in some many ways that I felt I had no choice but to reblog it; the first time I’m doing so.
It has to be done. The more we shed light on Domestic Violence, the less chance it has of hiding in the dark.
Clichéd or not, Say not to Domestic Violence!

Everyday Human

Really? One slap and you are done? what if it was a mistake? What if he apologizes for his mistake. So you just walk away from a home you have built over the years.How are you so sure that someone outside is not firing your home and knows you would leave because you are so impatient?

Hitting is not the worst thing and most times men/guys don’t just hit unnecessarily. When a woman rants ceaselessly the best thing to shut
her trap is some form of slap and she will shut up immediately. It happens to me all the time and I can rant like hell. Until my man hits some sense into me I will drive him mad with my ranting.

Domestic violence is an issue that is very close to my heart. One of my earliest memories is of a man that used to stay in our apartment…

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