In My Head, It Was Simpler…

I was going to finish secondary school, take JAMB, pass at first sitting and secure a place to study Law in the University.

In my head, it was simpler.

I would graduate after four years with a First Class degree or at the very least, a Second Class Upper and go off to serve my country for a year via the Youth Service programme.

In my head, it was simpler.

I would go to Law school, qualify and start practising. Perhaps join a firm, work my way up, become junior partner, then partner and possibly own my own law firm.

I would meet someone, get married, have babies and live happy.

In my head, it was simpler.

Simpler than what life actually offers…

Re-taking JAMB until you can afford to no more.

Getting into University eventually but dropping out because you can’t afford to carry on.

Working any jobs, all jobs, just to keep head above water and keep your dream alive.

Meeting the ‘wrong’ one; not meeting anyone.

Having children; not having children.

Trying to make lemonade from the lemons Life gave you but ending up with a nameless, tasteless drink…

In my head, it was simpler.

Or was it…?

I should have asked Life what it offers before I created ‘simple’ in my head. I should have said to Life ‘Is this your definition of ‘simple’ or have I got it all wrong?

I should have waited for Life’s reply.

With Life’s reply, I would have mapped out my mission and vision and then it would have been simpler.

 My refrain would then have been –

In my head, this is what life is’.

11 thoughts on “In My Head, It Was Simpler…

  1. Beautifully written…I got in from a door in Ada’s blog leading down here…In my head I thought, ‘if she’s this good then he will be extraordinary’ I have read through some of your stories and I must say that you are a talented writer.
    Keep it up.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Don’t we always have grand plans for our lives? The funny thing is that despite all the curve balls life may throw at us, we can always achieve those plans, but just not as simply/quickly as we thought we would.
    In making our plans, we just have to account for life inevitably giving us several seats to take. 😉

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  3. Totally agree! Especially the part about ‘life giving us several seats to take’!
    I know what that’s like, first hand, I’m sure as do most other people.
    Thanks for stopping by.☺


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