This is not fiction


I’m reminded of a comment someone made on Social Media, something to the effect that humans are the only living things that have to pay for where they live.

You would think that there is enough land to accommodate us all, so why pay for it?

Bills, bills, bills…never-ending, always coming, holding you by the throat, by the neck, squeezing and squeezing and squeezing until there’s no breath left and squeezing some more for good measure!!!

You scream, no one hears you because they all are screaming.

You shout, no one hears you because they all are shouting.

You wail, no one hears you because they all are wailing….when does it end????



Describe Yourself As A Tree. Day XXX, #bloganuary

I would be an Udala tree also known as African Star Apple. My fruit – udala – full of the following qualities…

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Eases digestion
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Brightly/coloured and tasty!

…will add value to the life of everyone who ‘eats’ it.!

Sadly, I don’t have a photo to hand and not to fall foul of licensing rights and copyright, I’ll post a link below


How Are You Changing The World? Day XXIV, #bloganuary

Wow! That’s a big ask!!! Especially when you read the word ‘world’ and you begin to mentally count all the countries, cities and people that exist on this earth at this moment!😱

You see yourself as a speck; a crumb from a big loaf of bread…”How on earth can little ol’ me change this big, wide world?”

But, a still, small voice finds its way in your head and reminds you that you don’t need to change the world; you just need to change yourself and positively affect those around you.

Like a ripple or domino effect, you offer a smile, a compliment, a helping hand, an act of kindness and pray that it is duplicated by the recipient and the next recipient and so on, until it travels round the world.

So how am I changing the world?

I’m starting with me. I am being the change I want to see.

By not feeding online trolls or being one myself. By stopping to count, before responding to an irksome post or comment. By giving honour to whom honour is due and offering up acts of kindness whenever possible to do so.

These are the small ways I am changing the world around me🌍


What Is Your Music Playlist Right Now? Day XXVIII, #bloganuary

My music playlist right now in one word – eclectic.

1) I have Know You Will by Hillsong UNITED playing on repeat when I’m about to drop off. ⬇️

2) 80’s Old Skool Jams playing on loop when I’m doing chores or cooking.

3) Same Day by Kim Bohyung from the TV series K2 when I just want to chill. ⬇️

4) Any of the old Bob Fitts albums – Proclaim His Power, Live Praise With Bob Fitts, Highest Place, The Lord Reigns.

And so many more! Hard to say that there is one playlist, right now!😁 I’ve a number of playlists and switch between as many of them as the mood/time/space calls for it.

Thank God for Apple Music…I love the way it curates music for you similar to what you’re listening to but at the same time, makes recommendations so that you are able to discover new jams🎶!


What’s Your Favourite Part About Yourself? Day XXVI, #bloganuary

Interesting how a question like this gets you thinking really hard💭💭💭

What do I like about myself? I’ve blogged about that in one of the #bloganuary posts.

But asked what the favourite part of myself is, then self-doubt sets in…I wonder ‘favourite’??? That’s such a big word…is one really supposed to have such a thing as favourite about themselves?

Then I think again, what is wrong with self-love? How can you love another if you haven’t loved yourself? And in loving yourself, what is the great thing about you; that thing that stands out? Because there is always a great thing about someone…their uniqueness, as it were. That one thing that you think about and mentally nod in appreciation; lips lifted in a smile of quiet satisfaction, the one part of you that never ceases to amaze you in times of self-contemplation…

…that favourite part of me, is my capacity for growing, learning and reinventing myself.


Write About Something That Makes You Feel Strong. Day XXV, #bloganuary

My loved ones make me feel strong.

And by ‘my loved ones’, I mean people that love me for who I am, not who they would want or prefer me to be.

I suppose what counts as your greatest strength could also be your greatest weakness. So having people who love and accept you at your greatest heights and your lowest lows, is priceless!

Imagine that…💭

You landed a huge contract/book deal/job opportunity; things are going so well…you’re financially stable, you can finally do all those things, go to all those places, contribute to all those causes and then poof! It all goes pear-shaped!

No recriminations, no ‘why-don’t-you-just-get-another-job’, no ‘that’s-just-life’ and all the other clichés and platitudes. Simply an understanding of what you’re going through and support, unique to you, to get through it.

How will one not feel strong? How will you not be empowered knowing that there are people who have your back and are rooting for you, all the time; every time???

Just thinking about it and this image – 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽- comes to mind.

Igwe bu ike”

There’s strength in numbers.

Write About A Dream You Remember. Day XXIV, #bloganuary

Again, I’m going to be rather cheeky and repost a very, very vivid dream I had some years ago, (first posted on this blog on the 28th of February, 2016), because it is that clear in my mind, even as I type this.


It was about 6pm…a grey, wet and windy evening. The wooden gate was unlatched. It kept butting its head against its frame repeatedly. Lovely, it would have been if it was rhythmical, but it was grating on all nerves.

Everyone heard it; no one wanted to go and end it. By 6.15 pm, I had had enough. I marched down the stairs, snatched my mackintosh off its hook, grabbed the keys by the side table and jammed them into the keyhole. Of course, they didn’t all fit!

Taking a deep breath, I chose the right key and let the others hang down, shrugged on my Mac properly, put the right key back into the keyhole and turned. The wind had grown fiercer…it seized the door out of my hands. I didn’t fight back. I jumped out instead, and let the door slam shut.

With the wind howling and the gate frantic in its banging, like an animal in pain, I reached out to still the gate; give it some relief from the pain it seemed to be going through, when the beam of a set of headlights caught my hand in mid-action. There was a strange sort of spluttering and the car rolled to a stop right in front of us – the gate and I.

“Excuse me, is it alright if I come down here and have a look at the engine of my car? I think it’s run out of water.”

Car running out of water? Was that…? Is that…? To be honest, I don’t know much about cars so I couldn’t say if they would run out of water or not but something about that voice sounded weirdly familiar and like a woman in a trance, I held the gate open and waved ‘voice’ and car through. It rolled down the drive-way, while I finally latched the distressed gate.

“Sorry to impose upon you like this but I forgot to top up the water in the car’s radiator and I believe that’s the sound of it over heating.”

As it spoke, the figure unfolded itself from the driver’s side, legs stretching for miles. When all of it had finally made its way out of the ailing but beautiful, sleek, low-slung piece of machinery, it turned out to be a man…a tall, dark and handsome man, no cliché. Just like the car but with enough water to make knees weak.

The man stretched out another long extremity – his arm; hand extended for a shake…

“My name is Elba, Idris Elba.”

No, I didn’t faint or any such thing (wish I did though), I just woke up!


What’s Your Favourite Quote And Why? Day XXII, #bloganuary

My favourite quote is…

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof – From the book of Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse 34

I love that quote especially the bolded part because it has a way of centring me; of reminding me that I can only do what I can do. What I can’t do, I can’t and focusing on what I can’t do, only serves to magnify it to seemingly insurmountable proportions!

Each day’s problem/challenge is enough for that day. Live it to the best of your God-given ability and leave the rest. You can only do so much anyway🤷🏾‍♀️